"Having known David for over 12 years at Altium, we've crossed paths and worked alongside each other on numerous occasions. David - exceptional in every way - is dedicated, perservering, sincere, very humourous, alert and approachable, and makes it easy to converse with him. Combined with his discipline, organisation skills and knowledge of specialising in high and low level programming, it's no wonder he's been successful in producing thorough, comprehensible online help and technical manuals for end consumers and programmers."

I absolutely recommend David in wherever and whatever he pursues, since I foresee him mastering his projects/endeavours and taking them to extraordinary levels. December 4, 2009

Josephine Di Costanzo, Application Engineer, Altium Limited

worked with David at Altium

"David and I worked together for many years at Altium, with David in a technical writer role. In that time David was a reliable worker, who always took pains to understand technically what he was writing about. Given that we produced electronics CAD software this was no easy task, and is indicative of David's technical skills.

Often David would go above and beyond a pure technical writer role, for example he put together many releases of our SDK package, which involved understanding our product's internal APIs, creating examples using these APIs, as well as documenting the APIs. David's background as a programmer was invaluable for this kind of task. I would recommend David into any technical writer role, particularly where the technical content is challenging." November 30, 2009

Ben Wells , Director, Embedded Intelligence , Altium

managed David indirectly at Altium

Deaf Dave's Snippets

  • "Karma: do good to others that others can do good to you"
  • "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein.
  • "Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself." -- Richard Feynman
  • "For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream." -- Vincent van Gogh

Family Heritage

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Paternal Side - Mostly Scottish

  • Parker heritage
  • Seistrup (Denmark) heritage
  • McKinnon (Scottish) heritage
  • Perry heritage
  • Millard (English) heritage
  • Goodwin heritage
  • Rose heritage

Maternal Side - Mostly Irish

  • Healey (Irish) heritage
  • Stevens heritage
  • Byrnes (Irish) heritage
  • Thompson heritage
  • Boland (Irish) heritage
  • Radich (Croatian) heritage

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