Deaf Dave's family tree

Byrne ancestry - my maternal grandma side

David's ancestors
William Byrne 1811-
4th great-grandfather

Emily Byrnes 1840-1896
Daughter of William Byrne

Alice Mary Thompson 1873-1911
Daughter of Emily Byrnes

Elsie Anne Stevens 1902-1968
Daughter of Alice Mary Thompson

Frank Alfred Radich 1919-1988
Son of Elsie Anne Stevens

Janice Clare Radich 1943-
Daughter of Frank Alfred Radich

David Barry Parker
You are the son of Janice Clare Radich

William Byrne was born on 3 July 1811 in Dublin, Dublin. He lived in New South Wales in 1833. He married Jane Holmes on 15 November 1833. They had two children during their marriage.

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